Our Perfect Processes

Detailing is going to the highest point in car cleaning and preparation, using only the best products methods and techniques available to ensure that the highest possible is achieved. Detailing packages can be anything from a clay, cleanse and wax up to full paintwork correction that removes swirl marks and light scratches.

Interior Car Seat and Upholstery Cleaning

The Wash Stage: The wash is the first stage in a detailing package, we start with the wheels, and arches  using non acidic wheels cleaners and various brushes making sure that the fronts and the inners are cleaned to the highest standard possible. The Vehicle's lower half is then pre treated with citrus based de-greaser. Snow Foam is applied via a specialist foam lance and left to dwell, All crevices, badges etc are cleaned with a specialist detailing brush, car is then rinsed with high pressure from top to bottom to ensure that any surface dust etc is removed. Then we move onto the two bucket method. This is where two buckets are used with grit guards, one bucket filled with wash solution and the other clean water. Simply wash a panel with was solution and a lambs wool wash mitt, then the mitt is placed into clean water to wash out any dirt that it as picked up off the panel ready for the next panel. This ensures the safest possible wash is achieved and reduces the chances of inflicting swirl mark, finally the car is rinsed down and dried with soft micro fibre drying towels.

Clay Bar Treatment:  After the wash stage a clay bar is then used to remove bonded contaminants from the vehicles paintwork, this leaves a perfect smooth as glass finish ready for polishing stages

Polishing & Paintwork Correction: A high percentage of cars will need some sort of polishing to be carried out, weather it be a simple hand cleanse prior to protection stages on a protection detail or a 1-3 step machine polish to remove swirl marks and light scratches. Machine polishing is carried out after the paintwork as been cleaned and clayed. The first step is to take paint depth readings, this is were a paint depth gauge is used to measure the depth of the paintwork to make sure it is safe to machine polish and remove swirls etc. After paint depths are recorded around the vehicle a 1-3 step machine polishing process (dependent on service) is carried out 1 being cutting stage to 3 been the refining and finishing stage.
Protection Stage:  The protection stage is one of the most important stages in the detail, be it a wax or a sealant. This is applied after all machine polishing or hand polishing as been completed to protect the finish that as been achieved, be it from UV rays, bird deposits etchings and more. This can be applied via foam applicator and left to cure then buffed off, and multiple layers can be added if required for the ultimate protection. 


As you can see from the photos throughout our website, the results of our services and vehicle detailing are exceptional. For the vehicle owner that cares about their classic or needs to look good in their everyday vehicle we provide the perfect convenient service for your workplace or home. We also offer a wide range of services including commercial vehicle valeting and cleaning contracts.

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