Mini Valets from £15.00

  • Citrus wash applied to breakdown dirt and road deposits
  • Pressure wash including under wheel arches
  • Clean alloy wheels with non-acidic wheel cleaner
  • Pre-rinse paintwork before washing process
  • Wash vehicle using a two bucket method, a PH neutral shampoo & lambswool wash mitt
  • Final rinse removing all traces of shampoo
  • Dry paintwork with soft plush microfibre drying towels
  • Clean door struts and sills
  • Apply tyre dressing
  • Vaccum Interior
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Clean Glass

Interior Valets from £35.00

  • Vaccum interior including boot area
  • Clean all seats and carpets with fabric cleaner and wet vaccum machine
  • Clean roof lining
  • Decontaminate and deodourise interior of any unpleasant smells
  • Empty ashtrays and remove any rubbish from vehicle interior
  • Clean dashboard and all plastic trims
  • Clean all door panels and interior glass
  • Spray air freshener

Full Valets from £50.00

All the above processes from the Mini Valet and Interior Valet plus :

  • Removal of all exterior tar deposits from paint work and wheels
  • Clean wheel arches and apply dressing
  • Apply plastic dressing to all exterior plastics and trims
  • Polish paintwork.

Detailing Services

Vehicle Protection Detail

  • Time Taken 6-8 hours
  • Exterior Protection - From £120.00
  • Exterior and Interior Protection - From£175.00

New Car Detail

Sadly, cars are rarely delivered with perfect paintwork, even when brand new. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage or poor preparation pre-delivery. Therefore, to make new car collection or delivery as special as it should be, why not get the paint fully prepared and protected beforehand?

New car protection detail - From £150.00 - This service can be carried out at the dealership before collection of the vehicle. This is the best way to provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle from the beginnning.

Vehicle Enhancement Detail

  • Time Taken 1-2 days
  • Prices from £250.00
  • Full Correction Detail

  • Time Taken 2-3 days
  • Prices from £350.00
  • Full Wet Sanding Service

  • Time Taken 4-5 days
  • Inclusive of full correction detail as above
  • Price on Application